90' | Sci-Fi | English

Story by: Offir Yitzhak


Reluctant to let go of his feelings for his mysteriously deceased wife, the professor which is responsible for bringing humanity its next evolutionary step, finds himself struggling to keep up with the ever changing cultural, social and technological environment.


Adam Leben, the celebrated scientist whose discovery of a cure to aging transforms the world on every possible level, nearly 150 years later his life is far from being perfect, especially since he feels responsible for the only plague which humanity still suffers from –mass suicides of those who have not adequately adapted to the prolonged life.

As he embarks on a quest to find a solution to the worldwide problem he is being tormented by the resurfacing voluntarily-forgotten memories of his deceased wife. Digging deeper into his past Adam feels everyone around him is hiding sinister truths from him. The only one person that actually manages to penetrate through his layers of armor is his 6 year old great-great grandchild, which surpasses him in her ability to adapt to the ever-shifting cultural, social and technological trends.



Budget: 3M$


80' | Documentary | Spanish, English

Story by: Manuel Guzman Kizer


A Venezuelan reporter of Jewish descent finds in Israel his only hope to escape the violence unleashed by the Bolivarian Revolution and survive.


Manuel Guzman Kizer, a 30 year old Venezuelan of Jewish descent, is looking to escape the violence unleashed by the government. Being a Jew was never something he could publicly be proud of due to anti-Semitism.

Manuel works for the local authorities in Caracas as a cameraman, experiencing the horrible sights behind the scenes through the eye of the camera. As he understand that the hope and better life the government promises is a mere false propaganda he is forced to take part in, he looks for a way out.

Manuel searches back on his Jewish roots and finds in Israel his only hope to have freedom and a chance of a prospering future. The Journey he goes through while making Alia through the Jewish Agency is a touching story of the importance of the Zionist movement and the importance of keeping in touch with one's Jewish roots.



Budget: 75K$